Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bentonite Clay for the face

Ok, so i tried the Bentonite Clay from my hair and it riped it of it's oils. It detoxed my hair so much that it dried it out. I had to leave my deep conditioner in my hair for 3 days and mixed oils in just to get back some of my moisture. But it did work wonders on my face. So I developed a mask that will draw the oils out and still be a nice cleansing and softening for the face.

Take 3 tablespoons of Bentonite Clay, One 1/2 teaspoon of pure green tea powder, 1 teaspoon of ACV and 1 teaspoon of honey. Add warm water until you get the paste that you like. Apply to a clean face (no makeup on) and wait, it will harden. Rinse with warm water and apply your normal moisturizer. By doing this I have not been getting as many pimples as I normally do and my skin appears more even in tone. If I don't want to add a moisturizer after the clay I make sure I add a few dashes of Argan Oil to the clay, it keeps the skin soft and supple.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hair Alert - Jill Scott on the red carpet

Jill is rocking this natural look at the Why Did I Get Married Too Primere! I love it (Hate the dress though)

Janet Collection Full Lace TAMIKA wig

I LOVE THIS WIG! It looks like the texture of my natural hair. This will be my staple straight hair from now on. Has a very soft Yaki feel. The length is about 3 inches longer than my natural hair after I flat iron it.

I love that this wig can be styled with a curling iron or flat iron like normal hair. Thank you to Ateeya at Smuve Complexions for recommending this one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bobbi Boss - Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Yuca 1b

Bobbi Boss - Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Yuca

I added 2 braided Tony Tails to the front. I just like adding tony tails to my curly haired wigs.

I really like this wig because it's so full. This is my goal hair! I wanted this length, this volume, and this curl pattern for my hair after I'm done transitioning for the next 3 years. The hair is just a few days old, kind of hard to keep the curl pattern without making it fluffy so don't run your fingers through this one. I would use a cream to keep the curls in tact about once or twice a week.

I love that this wig came with 3 combs in the front, one in the middle and two on the side. It comes with one in the back as well.

The front of this wig has hair that pulls up giving you height in the front of the wig. This is another reason why I have the Tony Tails on with it today, getting the first couple curls to lay a little more flat by the end of the week.

I really like this hair and will be using it as a staple for my protective styling.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Do you have a name for your hair


After so many trials and errors with my hair I have come to find out the my hair has an attitude problem! She is strong but very indifferent to change. She rejects most natural oils and rebukes 80% of the things I try. So I finally decided that although my hair is an extension of me she is still her own intity. I have given her the name Naja. Naja is African for Stoic and Strong, what better name...

I did some digging and I truly believe that Naja is the best name for my fickle locs.

Name: Naja
Gender: F
Meaning: Stoic and strong
Origin: African

Sto·ic   /ˈstoʊɪk/ Show Spelled[stoh-ik] Show IPA
1.of or pertaining to the school of philosophy founded by Zeno, who taught that people should be free from passion, unmoved by joy or grief, and submit without complaint to unavoidable necessity.

3.a member or adherent of the Stoic school of philosophy.
4.(lowercase) a person who maintains or affects the mental attitude advocated by the Stoics.
strong   /strɔŋ, strɒŋ/ Show Spelled [strawng, strong]
1.having, showing, or able to exert great bodily or muscular power; physically vigorous or robust: a strong boy.
2.accompanied or delivered by great physical, mechanical, etc., power or force: a strong handshake; With one strong blow the machine stamped out a fender.
3.mentally powerful or vigorous: He may be old, but his mind is still strong.
4.especially able, competent, or powerful in a specific field or respect: She's very strong in mathematics. He's weak at bat, but he's a strong fielder.
5.of great moral power, firmness, or courage: strong under temptation.
6.powerful in influence, authority, resources, or means of prevailing or succeeding: a strong nation.

MakeupVixen on the Bentonite Clay Treatment

TGIF Curlies!

Last night I did my first Bentonite Clay Treatment. I was hoping to loosen my curls after reading others that were successful. This process wasn't time consuming like Henna Treatments, it wasn't as messy, and I did notice a difference.

Here's my process and products.
I got the Bentonite Clay from, free shipping and it came overnight.
I used some Argan Oil I got from Sally's Beauty.
Apple Cider Vinegar from Trader Joe's (Like a Whole Foods)
Rose Water from Whole Foods

I took about 2 1/2 cups of Bentonite Clay and put it in a plastic container.

Next I added about 2/3 the bottle of Argan Oil (After reading about how this clay can make you hair dry I didn't want to take any chances)

Next I added the ENTIRE bottle of RoseWater and mixed it.

Then came about 6 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

I then mixed everything together and let it sit while I went to take my bun down.

Next I parted my hair and began added the thick muddy clay all over my head, face and neck.

Next came the waiting.

So I deceided to watch a little bit of The Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency with Jill Scott on my computer.

I wanted the mask on my face to get kind of hard to pull out the dirt and detox my face.

While waiting and watching the HBO show I was reading about how you can detox the body with Bentonite, so back to the kitchen I went to make a Clay Shake. I used Some Tropical Blend V8 Splash, a table spoon of the clay, and a dash of agave nectar for taste. I wasn't pasty it just tasted like a dirty V8 Splash. I downed some Wormwood pills with it, it detoxes my tummy and intestines.

Wacthed some more of the show!

Then I checked the time and it was time to wash my face.

I just got in the shower and used warm water to hit my face. I didn't add any soaps or anything to my face. The Argan oil in it kept my face nice and soft.

After about 20 more minutes I began to rinse my hair. I massaged my scalp and it took about 10 minutes to rinse the clay mostly out. Next came my Wen Fig Clarifying conditioner.

After rinsing that out I used my KBB Deep conditioner and my Macaroon Conditioner to soften my hair.

Here is my wet hair fresh out the shower

Nest I dried my hair with one of those microfiber towels I got from

I added some JBCO to my roots to stimulate hair growth.

I sprayed on the last little bit of my Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In.

Did a quick length check


Hair air dried

The next day at work

My review:

1. The clay cleansed my hair and I felt my scalp was clean.
2. My hair felt a little stripped of it's moisture but it wasn't really bad.
3. The process didn't take very long at all.
4. Curls are still defined as normal
5. Hair texture did change
6. Low cost and effective cleanse
7. Can be used to detox the entire body, face, body, hair, and colon.
8. Skin felt cleansed

1. The apple cider vinegar did make the clay mix smell a little strong.
2. Didn't loosen my curls, that was the main reason for the treatment.
3. Had to had tons of creams the next day because hair got dry over night
4. Hair texture changed but gave me more of an Afro, although I love my afros that wasn't what I wanted.
5. Had to use a lot of my oils to put the moisture back in my hair
6. Takes a lot of effort to rinse out of hair and face

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Results of the JBCO

Since October 2009 I have been an adiment user of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I really really really wanted this to work on my hair, to thicken it and help it grow. Well the verdict is in, it works! Now at the 5 month mark and my hair is benefits from the JBCO and the healthy hair care.

As I told you before I add JBCO to all of my conditioners. I use it as a leave in as well, on my roots and my ends. Lately I have been noticing how thick my roots have gotten and it's finally starting to get stronger. I couldn't be happier (Well I could be if my hair would grow faster).

To date I have 5 inches of growth since starting my Natural process back on 9-9-09. Above you see me in my lace wig because its 62 degrees outside, thats cold for Los Angeles. So this morning I stimulated my roots with my JBCO, put some Argan Oil on my ends and then slapped on this wig with my tony tail in the front.

Next I will be using the JBCO cream to apply to my hair while bunning. Stay tuned for that report coming in 3 months or so.

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