Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Results of the JBCO

Since October 2009 I have been an adiment user of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I really really really wanted this to work on my hair, to thicken it and help it grow. Well the verdict is in, it works! Now at the 5 month mark and my hair is benefits from the JBCO and the healthy hair care.

As I told you before I add JBCO to all of my conditioners. I use it as a leave in as well, on my roots and my ends. Lately I have been noticing how thick my roots have gotten and it's finally starting to get stronger. I couldn't be happier (Well I could be if my hair would grow faster).

To date I have 5 inches of growth since starting my Natural process back on 9-9-09. Above you see me in my lace wig because its 62 degrees outside, thats cold for Los Angeles. So this morning I stimulated my roots with my JBCO, put some Argan Oil on my ends and then slapped on this wig with my tony tail in the front.

Next I will be using the JBCO cream to apply to my hair while bunning. Stay tuned for that report coming in 3 months or so.
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