Monday, November 14, 2011

ProActiv review from my Influenster Cosmo Voxbox

Influenster is a company that sends products to it's members to review. Now mind you, this is NOT a free program or service, it is mandatory that you test the products they send you and post reviews about it, answer survey's and mention the products in a video, blog, facebook, or twitter account. You first sign up for free, and fill out survey's for badges depending on your interests. Say for instance you like to do outdoor activities. You fill out the survey and you earn the "outdoor activities" badge. Then based on your answer's Influenster will further look into your survey and if you qualify for a box based on the "outdoor activities" badge then they will contact you asking if you would like to receive a box. After you accept or decline, the rest is up to you and you have to review the products they send in the box when asked to.

I received my first Voxbox, the Cosmo Voxbox and included was the Proactiv's 3-step system. It retails for $19.95 and can be purchased from:
Proactiv is a 30 day 3 step system. Per Proactiv's product description:

The Proactiv 3-Step System included the renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and the repairing treatment.

Renewing Cleanser: A unique oil-free formula that contains smooth, tiny beads to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities, plus prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to penetrate pores, attack bacteria and heal blemishes fast. I tried it and it works like a charm. For me this is a preventative measure since I don't have bumps, pimples and blackheads at the moment.

Revitalizing Toner: A refreshing, alcohol-free toner that helps balance skin tone and remove dead skin cells to reveal the vital, radiant skin beneath. Contains our special formulation to balance skin's natural acids, witch hazel to refine and purify pores, aloe and chamomile to soothe and soften, plus allantoin, a moisturizing and skin conditioning agent. Removes excess surface oil without drying, leaving skin. I tried it and it was nice, a little refreshing, but not something I need to use on a daily basis.

Repairing Treatment: Our light, oil-free lotion contains finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to heal blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. The advanced delivery system in Repairing Treatment is safe for your entire face. If problems ever do arise then I know what to treat it with, this repairing treatment. It's a nice addition to my pimple fighting arsenal of products.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I got some VitaBath with my November 2011 Influenster Cosmo Voxbox

Loving your Vitabath Fragrance Collection Body Wash? Have you heard of Vitabath Body Wash? Well I didn't until I got home and received my Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster and in that box was the Vitabath Pink Frosting Body Wash for me to test.
  Cupcake Body Wash

OMG, the first thing I did was crack open this bottle and smell it and to my surprise it smelled like cupcakes and buttercream frosting. I knew I would be in love with it from the start. When it came time to take a shower I was elated to bring along this little pink gem to the shower with me. I applied it to my shower sponge and it slide out smooth, not too loose and not too thick with a light pink hue. That shower experience was heavenly as buttercream frosting and sweet smelling aromas are my favorite, Influenster sent me the perfect Vitabath scent to test.

The second time I tried the Vitabath was in the tube on a wash clothe. The lather just wasn't the same and I highly recommend using it on a sponge if you really like suds and lather like I do. 

All in all I really like this bath wash. I have already been to the site to check out the other fragrances that they offer and I am ready to make my purchase. I want everything from their Cupcake Couture Collection  and I know that I would love every scent. But don't think I'm not peeking at that Wild Red Cherry scent from the Fruit Fanatic Collection, LOL.

Oh and did I mention that Vitabath has your best interests in mind with because it is formulated with antioxidant rich super fruits like Acai, Goji, Coffe, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Mangosteen. Plus it has mega conditioning properties from their usage of vitamin A, B3, C, E and Pro-Vitmain B5.

On the Vitabath website they are current;y running a sale on their Body Wash for $9.99 and you get a whopping 12 oz bottle.

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