Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ultimate Cover Stick Foundation by Kiss New York

Ultimate Cover Stick Foundation by Kiss New York

Ultimate Cover Stick Foundation by Kiss New York ($7.99) is the perfect solution for makeup artists and the girl on the go. It’s great for traveling in your makeup kit because it's 0.5oz, in a stick form and you can depot it later and use it in a DIY foundation palette.  It is a medium to full-coverage foundation that allows you to build up from medium to heavy. It does easily blends into the skin because it is so creamy however I do recommend using a good moisturizer because it can be drying later on in the day. It is a cream to powder finish so make sure your face is moisturized before applying. You can apply it straight onto your face and then buff it out with a nice synthetic kabuki brush.
It doesn't contain any SPF's so I highly recommend that you use one underneath this foundation. With 6 shades, I believe that women of color have a narrow range of finding their perfect match however I believe that my readers can find something close to their skin tone. For your reference, I am NC40 in MAC foundations, and I found Beige (SC06N) to be a pretty good shade for me (I probably could have gone one shade lighter). The colors range from Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Golden Beige, Beige, Creamy Coco, and Maple Sugar.
What I have learned is that is covered my blemishes with ease, it didn't irritate my skin causing any breakouts and its water resistant. Once I set my finally makeup of the day I was good to go for the rest of the day. It had very little transfer when touching up my makeup. I didn't look dewy by the end of the day. However, my t-zone, particularly on my nose, it didn't absorb the foundation well when I tried to build up to a full coverage application. I normally don't do this step as I don't want to cover my freckles but I did have to take some of it off because it was just too thick on my nose area. (Plus I wear glasses and I didn't want any build up).

All in all I would love to have these foundations in my kit when working with my women of color clients.

One luv,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lit Cosmetics Collection List

Below is a list of ALL of the Lit Cosmetics Glitters. (Remember to use code TASTIREDBONE to get a free swag with your order)

If you would like to see me swatch any please comment below and I will do that for you and post it.

1. Soul Sister #3
2. Wasabi #2
3. I feel Love #3
4. Hawaii 5/0 #3
5. Trend 33
6. Siberian #2
7. Back in Black #2
8. Smooch #2
9. Festive #2
10. Valley Girl #2
11. Hulk #2
12. Cayman #2
13. Ka-Boom! - electric
14. Tweetie #2
15. Beyond Pink - electric
16. Creamy Caramel #2
17. Madonna #2
18. Black Magic Woman #2
19. Mary Jane #2
20. Mr. T #2
21. Flower Power #2
22. No Doubt - electric
23. Chocolate Cherry #2
24. Twisted Sistah #2
25. Elton Jon #2
26. Seeing Stars 33
27. Liberache #2
28. Flower Power #3
29. Island Girl #2
30. Boogie Wonderland #2
31. Goober Grape #3
32. Magic Dragon #3
33. Rich & Famous #2
34. Fire Cracker #2
35. Oprah #2
36. Nightlife #3
37. Nightlife #2
38. Deja Vu #2
39. Peacock #2
40. Vegas #2
41. Foxx #2
42. Theodora #2
43. Lover Boy #3
44. Wonder woman #2
45. Purple Rain #2
46. Beach baby #2
47. California Soul #2
48. California Soul #3
49. Roxy Rolla #2
50. Merry Kay #2
51. Punk #2
52. Pink Flamingo #2
53. Gunsmoke #2
54. Kiss #2
55. Hot Pants #2
56. Champagne Wishes #2
57. Pretty hot Pink #3
58. Lima Bean #2
59. Nirvana #2
60. Priss #3
61. Strawberry Angel #2
62. Teen Spirit #2
63. Mynt #2
64. Marilin Monroe #2
65. Barbie Shops #3

Friday, September 20, 2013

Destiny Candle Review and GIVEAWAY

Name of product(s): Destiny Candle in Fig, Cinnamon &Vanilla, and Lavender
Brand Name: Destiny Candle
Retail Price: $29.95 USD
Consistency: Creamy to Oil
Scent: Fig - A warm dark woods scent but still lady like. Cinnamon & Vanilla - An autumn bakery filled with cinnabuns. Lavender - Aromatherapy at it's finest, fresh picked Lavender.
Color: Off White/Cream
Where did I get it?:BeautyCon via Destiny Candle Booth

Review: These candles are absoulutly amazing. I was first introduced to them at the YoutubeSpace Los Angeles event held by BeautyCon during beauty guru night. At first glimpse I was intrigued because I am a candle lover. I was able to meet the staff of Destiny Candle and they were so nice and talked to everyone, a quality I love to see from companies. After looking at all of the candles I decided on picking up the Cinnamon & Vanilla because of it's cake and bakery scent that reminded me of cinnabuns.

As the lady was wrapping the candle for me she said your skin is going to love it.... Ummmm what? My skin??? I realized I was not dealing with some ordinary candle, it's a MASSAGE CANDLE. Yes ladies and gents these candles are made for you to rub on your body! I was shocked and before she could finish wrapping the candle I jammed my finger in it and rubbed it on my hands, lol, and oh boy I was in heaven. Even I was at the event outside and the candle wasn't lit I was able to glide my finger over it and use it to soften my hands and arms. The lady smiled and started to explain to me the use of the string and crystal. I am to leave the crystal in the candle to ignite the crystal with the oils and once the candle is done burning I can use the string and crystal to make a bracelet or necklace. The crystal is suppose to be charged with the energy that is described on each candle.

The candles come in 7 different scents/intentions:
  • Love/Sex: Vanilla & Coconut
  • Weight Loss: Blood Orange
  • Wealth: Fig, Bergamot, & Vanilla
  • Stress Relief: Lavender, Frankincense, & Vanilla
  • Beauty: Mint, Rosemary, & Vanilla
  • Good Luck: Peppermint, Frankincense, & Grapefruit
  • Energy/Uplifting: Cinnamon & Vanilla

After a few days of playing around with it I figured out the best way that I love to use it. Not only does this candle fill my living room, hallway and bathroom with a beautiful fragrance the scent lasts about 6 hours on my skin. I tried using this candle after I let it burn for about 30 minutes and using the oil but it was a little to loose for me and I didn't want to spill a single drop. I let it cool for about 15 minutes and used it while it was creamy and BAM my skin was in bliss. I used the candle on my body, my arms concentrating on my elbows and rough areas, and it made my skin soft for about 6-7 hours. I think that if I had a significant other to give me a full body rub down then I would be smooth as a babies bottom all day long, or night (tee hee).

I did visit the website and the owner has a great story on how she developed the idea for this company. Destiny Candle.

Of the 3 candles I have Cinnamon & Vanilla is my favorite, Fig me second favorite and then Lavender (only because I'm allergic to Lavender in high doses).

Now here's a treat for YOU!! The owners were so kind to send me an extra candle to do for a GIVEAWAY! Here's your chance to get one of these amazing massage oil candles!!

Rules to enter: Must be at least 18 years old, reside in the USA, and Enter by following the information below.
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