Day One of the Coconut Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Water Hair Mixture

To put it simple I didn't like it!

Granted the weather was so God awful cold for Los Angeles, there was snow on our mountains.

This morning I didn't put my normal Shea Butter mixture in my hair. I just poured some more of my coco vera water into my hair and left out the door. I didn't add any leave in conditioners or anything, i wanted to see if this mixture would make me hair soft.

By the time I dropped my son off at the sitter, battled traffic to get downtown and walked to work in the cold my hair was starting to get fluffy and not a soft fluffy. My hair was crisp.

I know it was just day one but here's my report:
Not breakage
Not tangled
Crispy - giving my hair a different texture
Curls were not defined

Tonight I decided to go for the softness of this. I just conditioned my hair with Aussie Soft and Protect. I let it sit for 30 minutes while taking a bath in my steamy bathroom. rung out my hair with my hand and then saturated my hair with this coco vera water concotion of mine. Sectioned into two pig tails and now letting it air dry under this microfiber towel I got from

In the morning I will add my shea butter mix and bun my hair. I think this Coco Vera Water isn't for styling hair but for treating it to cure it.

So far I would give this a B- but I'm going to "Make it work" - Tim Gunn