JBCO Challenge with Hairlista - 2010

Today is the first day of the challenge! My hair is starting at Arm Pit Length (APL).

Here are the rules from Hairlista.

This challenge will take place for 3 FULL MONTHS (great amount of time to see noticeable results). So only the strong, consistent and committed are suitable for this. As usual there are different levels to this challenge so please pick the appropriate one that suits you!

Challenge Levels:
Basic: Apply Castor Oil to a clean scalp 1-2 times per week.
Advance: Apply Castor Oil to a clean scalp 2-3 times per week.
Ultimate: Apply Castor Oil to your scalp 5-7 times per week. You must deep condition with a 1-2 tsp of your Castor Oil mixed in your deep conditioner and/or use it to seal your ends.
1. Your Castor Oil MUST be 100% Castor Oil. Grease cannot be used as a substitute on the scalp. However, it can be used to seal i.e. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil.

2. If you are doing the Basic or Advance level, the Castor Oil must be applied to a clean scalp to allow better penetration so that your scalp can absorb all the nutrients from the oil.

3. One must report any changes, improvements, success in your hair/new growth. This will inspire others!

4. Please upload a photo of your hair progress after the Challenge is complete (there will be a particular thread created for this).

5. NO OTHER GROWTH AIDS can be used while in this challenge.


Amy Irvin said…
I'm also in the Castor Oil challenge, starting @ APL! I'll be doing the advanced level :-)