Updated Hair Reggie for JBCO Challenge

ACV Rinse Days(once a month instead of shampooing):
• Rinse with ACV in the shower using a spray bottle
• DC and add JBCO to it, rinse some out but leave some in
• JBCO on roots and ends
• Smooth my edges with mix of Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, and aloe vera gel
• air dry

Cowash Days(twice a week):
• Cowash with homemade conditioner that has JBCO in it and fingercomb
• Scrunch in leave-in Cantu Shea Butter mix with Argan oil, gloss cream, avocado oil, jbco
• Seal with jbco

All Other Days:
• Spritz hair with watered down conditioner or leave-in
• Seal with mix of Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk or Hair Nectar with JBCO


Brittney said…
I love Karens hair milk. very good stuff! This seems like a good plan im still working on mine!

Love your blog its a good read


Anonymous said…
Hi Makeup Vixen. I am here to thank you: we had a chat on a natural hair forum (by Sunshine) some time ago and I listened to your advice.

I tried GPB instead of my ex beloved Honeysuckle Rose, I tried castor oil instead of my ex beloved olive oil and I tried other butters out of shea (this was the most difficult step as I really thought my hair would hate ALL butters).

My hair has never been happier: I thought I had already learnt everything in my 2 years of experimentation but it's even much, much better now.

So thank you, thank you and thank you.
And I have been reading your blog, I love it! Keep it up!

Unknown said…
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