Results: JBCO Hair Challenge with Hairlista

Before Picture was taken April 15, 2010.
After Picture was taken October 15, 2010.

I used my mole to kind of track how much my hair grew. It seems that I have gotten about 5 inches of growth in 6 months. This is pretty good for me since I don't get much growth during the summer months, my hair grows the most during November-February months.

Now during this hair challenge I had to ease up on the JBCO because I found out that I'm allergic to the Extra Dark Formula and that was the only bottle I had left to use. So I only added my JBCO to my Organix conditioner and would leave a little in after I washed with it. I had to stop using the Extra Dark JBCO on my scalp and ends because it would seriously break my skin out with painful sores and pimples. Using it in just my conditioner was enough for me to reap the benefits of it.

I did however purchase the JBCO Shampoo and washed my hair once a week with it. It doesn't strip my hair and left it soft. For one month I tried the Bee Mine Mango Sulfur Hair Growth Serum every two days but it left my roots so dry and irritated that I stopped using it. I didn't see any benefits from it. I did test out the DevaCurl No Poo during this challenge and the AfroVeda Shea Amla (which I no longer will be purchasing because of the price hikes and lies from the owner). I have been using Qhemet Biologics as my moisturizer since September and I seal with Karen's Body Beautiful Jojoba Heavenly Oil in Chamomile Sage.

I do believe i owe a lot of my hair growth during these summer months to JBCO, it's a time that my hair doesn't really grow. I will continue to use JBCO but I will use it more in the summer months to keep my hair growing year round. I'm going to continue to use my JBCO in my conditioner and the Shampoo when needed. This winter I will be trying out Qhemet Biologics as a staple along with Shescentit Deep Conditioner. I will be hurrying to use up the last of my AfroVeda products before they spoil, if I would have known that they spoil so quickly I never would have purchased from AfroVeda.

Take care ladies,


Miss Dior said…
Keep your head up, I would have quit my job and I am glad you didn' t let her get rid of you that easily. If you don' t want to purchase from Curls a full product - check out Kathymack's Fotki's albums - for samples (I think she also carries Curl
Junkie samples). Once you pick what you want - go to and send her a pm and she will send you a total including shipping. Send payment via paypal and she will send it out. She has great customer service. Coconut Sublime leaves my hair springy and I love it. Hope you like, I can't post on youtube right now :)