LA Natural Hair Meetup 3/27/11

I had so much fun with the girls Sunday. Check us out in the picture above (more to come)

This event was held at Mahagony Revolutions in Los Angeles near the Beverly Center. When I arrived the vendors were setting up and I had to call in reinforcments to get me to stop buying things, LOL. I walked away with some Shea Butter whips and a flamless candle burner (which I want to get my mom some of). The space was rather small so after we heard from the fabulous Kim Coles we took our exit (after grabbing a drink from the refreshments table, lol).

While there I meet two lovely ladies that were fans of my YouTube channel, ladies you were a joy to meet. Next stop was the Grand Lux at the Beverly Center where we talked about everything from hair to motorcycles to Anime to basketball. We also talked about the next meetup and our suggestions, I hope SisBoyd comes up with something grand because she knows I will be the first one at the door looking for our free sample products, LOL.

The only down fall of the day was after it was all over we went to the ATM and on the way back down the escalator my dress got caught and I had to rip it out. That was one of my good maxi dresses so my next stop will be grandma's house to see if she can fix it, LOL. I can repair small rips but this rip is ragedy and messy.

All in all we had a great time and I can't wait for the next meeting.

Thanks to my subbies that follow me on YouTube! It's about to get a lil more fancy since I'm using my skills I learned from LMU and my intership to add a little flare to my channel. Mighest well since LMU cost me so much freaking money to attend, LOL. My next video should be coming out the first week in April, I want to hit my 100th video by August and I already have 91.

aka TastiRedbone