Spring 2011 JBCO Challenge

Good Morning Vixens,

On April 1st I began my new hair care regimen for the spring. Now I am still doing my product reviews on YT (now at 100 videos) but I needed to be consistent with a few products. Here is my new routine for thicker, fuller hair:

I cleanse my hair only once a week (Sunday) but I do rinse my hair twice a week as needed but primarily on Wednesday. To cleanse my hair I use 3 products in rotation, Curl Junkie Daiy Fix Cleansing Conditioner, DevaCurl No Poo, and JBCO Shampoo. I make sure I technically only shampoo my hair once a month (using the JBCO shampoo) and the other times I use a cleansing conditioner.

My conditioners are pretty much the same staples, Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner and She Scent It Avocado Conditioner. Anything else that I use it for testing and vlogging.

Deep Conditioning:
I deep condition my hair at twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday), pretty much with every wash. It is very important to me that I deep condition with natural products, since this is one of the main products that penerate the hair shaft and can seal in the moisture. So I use Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask or Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix. The Deep Fix has a smae dash of protein in it and I don't want too much protein in my hair diet because I'm allergic to the Wheat Proteins and still not too sure about other proteins yet, so minimal usae is best for me.

Wednesday Preperation:
On Wednesday night I will leave my Deep Conditioner in my hair because on Thursday night I have me Birkam Yoga Class. That's a heated Yoga Class that I attend in Redondo Beach. It's a very diffcult class on the mind, body and HAIR. So I make sure my hair is saturated is natural deep conditioners, it's like siting under the heated dryer for hours and hours and hours, lol.

Leave Ins:
I am using mostly Komaza Care Califia Cream with 2 tablespoons of JBCO added to the jar and 2 tablespoon of JBCO Coconut oil. I am still testing leave ins but I make sure I start off my week with this leave in on Sunday. Any other leave in I try for vlogging I seal with JBCO, I don't add it to the cream.

Of course I seal with Tropical Isle JBCO on my eands and throughout my hair but primarily on my ends.

I refresh my hair in the morning with Oyin Handmade Greg Juice or Juices and Berries. Once I have sealed with my JBCO the night before the spray isn't as sticky as some people complain about, it's not really sticky at all and it absorbs into my hiar nicely.

I try and keep my hair covered, in twists or a bun. Low manipulation is the key right now for me.

Drink at least 4-5 16.0 fl oz water bottles. This is a challenge for me as I normally drink only 1 or 2. The Daniel Fast of eating fruits and veggies for 3 weeks. After the fast, becoming a Pescetarian (vegetarian plus seafood) is key. The right Omega's in seafood helps my skin, hair, mind and body.

Tangle Teezer and fingers are my tools of choice. This keeps my hiar from breakage, detangles, less shedding and gives me fuller thicker hair.

Okay Vixens I must bring this post to a close now.

One Luv,