Review: Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Ok, so let's get the formalities out of the way! I was sent this product free of charge to do a review on, however, I have purchased this product and other products from this company in the past and I even use them to make my own hair care products. Ok, now that that's done lets get into this review.

For a long time I have not been a big fan of coconut oil. I would buy some coconut oil from online companies during a sale, get them from vitamin stores and the grocery store but really didn't care for them. It wasn't unitl I saw a youtube video that mentioned a "natural relaxer" and they used something called coconut concentrate in addition to coconut oil. I started to do my research and I found Tropical Traditions. My first order was for the coconut concentrate and instantly I feel in love. I have even done a video or two on youtube and have used Tropical Traditions with my own hair care line of products.

When I decided to go forth with a natural hair care line of my own I wanted the best ingredients. I wanted a decent price for an amazing product an as luck would have it Tropical Traditions was running a sale on the Gallon Size Coconut Oil, Gold Virgin Label. So I purchased it and have incoorperated it into my Tasti Kiss product line for beauty and hair care and I love it.

I was on Facebook and up popped a chance to review the coconut oil in different ways and Tropical Traditions would send me a jar if I qualified, well I did and here comes my brutally honest opinion..... I LVOE IT. With the 32oz jar they sent me I didn't want to focus on just using it for hair and to try using it in different ways. The first way I used it was as a cooking oil for french fries. I have a toddler and I really don't like going to fast food stops unless I really have to, but one of the things that my toddler loves is french fries. Now I don't have a deep frier or anything like that but I did have a wok and I took about 5 tablespoons and turned up the heat. I added about 1 cup of potatoes that I cut down into fries, I added just a few dashes of seasoning salt and fried up some fries. BAM, it was delicious. The coconut oil has a slightly light taste this way on the fries and it was rather tastey to me.

Next I tried it when making some cookies. I made a batch of chocolate chip with walnuts, cinnamon pecan with brandy, and some regular chocolate chips. Normally I use Coconut butter but I was running low. Instead I used a dab of coconut concentrate and about a teaspoon of this wonderful coconut oil and OMG I had rich cookies that has become a family favorite. If you are interested in the complete recipe please let me know but the foundation of it was on the hershey kiss website.

Next I tried it on on my hair. If you follow my youtube channel, under the name TastiRedbone, you will know that wheat protein is an enemy to my hair. Coconut oil has it's own natural proteins in it and I figured that this brand would be steller on my hair alone and trust me I wasn't disappointed. I saw a mini twist deep conditioning video by Naptural85 and that gave me the idea to try this coconut oil as a pre-poo treatment. I applied about a handful to damp old hair that needed to be washed, let it sit on my hair for about 3 hours to allow the oil to penetrate the hair shaft and to start to loosen the build up I had on my hair. After letting the oil do it's job I went ahead and shampooed and conditioned as normal and my hair felt great. During the shampoo process my shampoo had more slip because of the oil that was in my hair, which allowed for an easier detangling process, SCORE! loved it.

Lastly as I have mentioned earlier, I use this brand of coconut oil on my body and in my own beauty/hair care line. Some nights my feet are so dry so I just take a dab of coconut oil and shea butter and rub it on my feet, then apply a sock and hit the hay, by morning I have soft feet, YAY. I would use just a teaspoon of coconut oil and a small piece of cocoa butter in my bath to have a nice mommy spa day at home. I have tried to make my own coconut water but I find that it's best with their coconut concentrate and not the oil.

This coconut it is typical in look and feel, it looks solid in the jar, has a stiffness in cold weather and melts to an oil at room temperature and warmer. The one thing that stands out from the competition is the smell. This is a big plus for me. I have tried other brands where the coconut oil is too strong and makes my stomach upset, well not with this brand. It does have a scent to it but it's not overwhelming like others I have tried.

All in all I am very happy with the coconut oil from this company and I will continue to buy from them. I want to say thank you for the free jar and for allowing me to talk about how wonderful this brand is. I still have a little bit of my gallon size coconut oil left but my supply is running low. I checked their website the other day and I am dying to try their coconut oil mix for the hair, their palm sugar, and their coconut flour amongst other things.

Hope this information helps.

Be Tasti!