New Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics 2014 Liptars (from IMATS Los Angeles)

OCC Lip Tar in Mannequin, Rollergirl and Kimber
I picked up a few OCC Liptars at the IMATS Show yesterday. I also purchased some of the new lip liners that I learned about last year by attending the PHAMExpo.
These new 2014 liptars are amazing. They are a little different then the traditional Matte Liptars, not just because of the new logo and color but the opaqueness is different to me. I do love them and each one will be used this year constantly because they are truly gorgeous.

On the OCC website liptars are $18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz. as well as on Sephora's website. However if you're a professional makeup artist you can apply for a Pro account at OCC and Nigel's Beauty Emporium. At IMATS I was able to get these liptars for $10 each.

The liptars are designed to have the wear of a lipstick, long lasting, with the ease of a gloss. These matte liptars are no exception. They last about 5 hours for me before I have to reapply because I had lunch or had my morning hot chocolate. The texture is a creamy liquid but not a sticky gel consistency like gloss.

I sat in on an interview with David, the owner of OCC, and he explained to me that 1/8th of an inch is enough liptar to apply to your entire lip. He also said that using their clear liptar as a base will help the matte liptar last even longer. I hoping to try this with the new Cosmetic Colour Liner in Anit-Feathered and Clear Liptar to see how long these matte liptars will last.

Mannequin: Is a soft Barbie pink. When built up on the lips it can look like Barbie's lipstick. If I had to pick a dupe I would say MAC Saint German or MAC Nicki's Pink Friday. (Pictured is just 1 layer of liptar)
Rollergirl: Is a rick violet purple. It is a very close color to the discontinued OCC liptar in BellaDonna. If I had to compare Rollergirl to BellaDonna I would  have to say that BellaDonna is slightly darker, but very close in color.

Kimber: Is a pale orange. Of all the colors in this line this was the sheerest. I would have to build the color up to get the intense orange that you see in the tube.

Since I have BellaDonna and RollerGirl I wanted to show you a side by side comparison of them. They are so close in color.