My Experience at ISSELB 2014

My experience at the International Salon and Spa Expo was not like any other Beauty event I have ever attended. It was MASSIVE!!! I can truly say that to date the ISSELB has been the largest beauty event I have ever attended. I only went 1 day, during the 3 day expo, because I figured it would be like just a collection of products and I would just ask some questions, oh how wrong I was! It was not just an expo, it was an EXPERIENCE.

When I went down the escalator into the venue I was immediately surprised by its magnitude and I was extremely happy to hit as many booths as I could to learn the latest and greatest in the beauty industry. Let me warn you that this event is for hair and salon enthusiast 1st, nail technicians 2nd and makeup artist 3rd. There was not a lot of companies there to represent the makeup arts but I did notice a few, Danair, Violet Voss, Eye Kandy Cosmetics, Cailyn Cosmetics, Nigel’s Beauty, Mica, City Color Cosmetics and Zao Essence of Nature.

There were hundreds of salon hair care products from places like HealthiLooks, Kevin Murphy, Amika and Moroccan.

I ran across a few nail supply booths like Dashing Diva Pro where I was able to sample their new LED machine and get one.

As a professional makeup artist I would have to say that the makeup lines are not going to be at this venue. It’s more for estheticians, cosmetologists, nail technicians and spa owners. I would love to see more Makeup Brands at ISSELB in the future but hey us makeup artist have so many events that we can attend so I don’t mind that this event doesn’t cater to us but its nice to be included. Will I attend again in the future??? ABSOLUTLEY! It’s an amazing event and I enjoyed every minute of every interview, every learning experience, and every person I met.