My Experience at The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2014

What a way to start off Spring with a BANG! I love attending The Makeup Show Los Angeles each year but this time around I was honored to be apart of the Press. How cool is that!! I have been a makeup artist for 10 years and I am still amazed at how fast paced, creative, and down right spectacular this industry is. This year I have been invited to be apart of some amazing things and this event has topped them all.

(Yes of course I arrived 1st and had to tease my friends and subscribers, lol)

First we were greeted by an amazing team, thank you so much for everything. We were lead to a section of the venue where we were given goodie bags and James Vincent talked about his love of the new products coming to the Beauty Industry for 2014. Pictured above is a young lady that wanted to challenge James and James was more than happy to take on the challenge about the new NARS Contour palette, that hasn't been released yet. I had a front row seat to witness this!!! The question was, how does the lighter palette Olympia work on darker skin tones because it looks so light. James said that it could but this blogger didn't believe him. She was asked to come on stage and James SHUT IT DOWN!! LOL. Yes, Olympia can work on darker skin tones!!

(Sitting front row was myself The Makeup Vixen, C Key Beauty, Traycee from KISS, and JenniferRLuna)

This year The Makeup Show is not only honoring professional female makeup artist but also the Life, Legacy and Beauty Icon Mr. Kevyn Aucoin. James and his team, Bethanie and Melody, escorted us to the Kevyn Aucoin section of the venue where James talked to us about every piece in this show. I could tell that this meant a lot to so many of us professional makeup artists, myself included. Kevyn Aucoin passed away but OMG his legacy still lives on in a very big way. Before I was a MAC makeup artist I never wore makeup, all I knew was Kevyn Aucoin and the making of Micheal Jackson Thriller was were my passion for makeup began. I couldn't afford Kevyn's books but I would head to the bookstore and try to memorize the pictures and run home and try them (Before we had camera phones and Kindles, lol). It is Masters like Vee, Kevyn, James and so many others that challenge me, inspire me, and really push me to make it in this ever changing and crowded industry.

(Actual makeup used my Kevyn, his fingerprints are still on the makeup)
(Tools used by Kevyn Aucoin)
(Signing the wall from one makeup icon, David Hernandez, to the family of Kevyn Aucoin)
(Model replica of Kevyn's work with beauty blogger Alyssa of ahleessac)

Time for the show!!! I went to so many booths. I picked up so much stuff that I had to make a YouTube video of my massive haul. The video also shows sneak peaks of items that are not out yet. 
Here are just a few places I stopped at.
Frends Beauty
Beasame Cosmetics
Break up to Makeup
Wayne Goss Brushes
Cinema Secrets
(ummmmmm, Photo Bomber LOL)

After all of my shopping was done it was time to mingle and get educated on some cool products.
(UloveMegz, Beat Face Honey, Lil Pumpkin Pie, Start 2 Finish MUA)
(C Key Beauty, Traycee from KISS and I at the Fantabulash Booth)
(ULoveMegz at Glamcoor taking a selfie)
(OMG is that Renny Vazquez and Jeffree Star!!)

I HAD A BLAST!! All I can say is that  I wish I could attend the Makeup Show NYC, which is quickly approaching! I can't wait until next year. I have been playing in my goodies since the show. Follow me on Instagram @Makeupvixen to stay in the know of products I love to use on myself, on clients, and what I call Kit Worthy (Holy Grail Products for my Makeup Kit).

Luv you!


Ahleessa said…
It was fun at The Makeup Show. Thanks for hanging out with me! :)