Natural/Organic Foundation: Zao Essence of Nature from ISSE Long Beach 2014

In January 2014 I attended the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach CA. There I learned so much about hair, salon products, nail art and a little bit about the latest makeup trends.

Since I am a Natural Hair Care enthusiast I wanted to focus my time on locating the natural products that were new to ISSELB. My first time hearing about Zao Essence of Nature was at ISSE and I was able to try out their foundation and I am definitely a fan. I was surprised to learn that Zao Essence of Nature was just being launched to the USA market at the ISSE Long Beach show but I am so happy they are now being sold in the United States.

The foundation that I got was the Compact Foundation, a cream foundation in a bamboo compact that you can refill, (Sales price: $53.45). The shade that I picked up was in 734 in Cappuccino which is the 2nd to darkest shade. I was color matched by a lovely lady and she said that it would be my perfect shade.

I tried the foundation out a few times but noticed that because of my extremely oily and combination skin I would have to prep my face and use a setting powder in order to not have my face shinny and have the foundation run off my skin. The only issue I have with that is I wanted an all natural makeup routine and I have yet to find a good enough natural primer and the perfect natural setting powder. Once I find those two perfect natural items I'm sure I will have the perfect natural foundation routine.

The coverage is light to medium when used alone and since I'm a girl with freckles to show off I don't mind the light coverage. I only "pack" on the makeup when shooting my youtube videos but my daily routine is light to medium coverage.

One of the most fascinating things that I noticed about using this foundation was that after I took the foundation off my skin felt so soft. It was as if the foundation was a cream moisturizer and it softened my skin while I was wearing it. My skin felt great. It didn't feel tired or dehydrated after wearing it over 12 hours, it felt supple and amazing. That alone had me hooked.

I checked out what else the company has to offer and I do want to try out the powder foundation, concealer and blush. The price point for these products are a little high, as with most organic and natural products, but once you place your first order for something like the compact foundation you can then purchase only the refills after you are finished, making the price $34.05 for the foundation and not $53.45.

Hope this information helped.

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