Arvazallia Argan Oil product

Now as a natural girl with fine thin 4a hair I find it’s hard to find products that work with my hair styling wise and also because my hair hates wheat protein. 2014 marks my 4th year naturally curly hair anniversary and I decided I would begin to alternated from curly to straight. When I do straighten my hair I look for products with silicone, so that it locks in the moisture and helps prevent heat damage. I look for products with small amounts of protein, something not in the wheat protein family or else my hair will dry up and break off. 

Having been a natural hair guru for over 4 years now I am well versed on which silicones are water soluble, with oils benefits my thin and fine 4am hair the most and so on. After dividing my hair in 4 sections I clarified my hair using my mud wash. I then conditioned my hair with my avocado conditioner and detangled my hair. After rinsing the avocado conditioner out of my hair I applied the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask. Upon application the product did smooth my cuticles, well considering the silicone in it closed them and sealed in the moisture. I left the product on for about 10 minutes and rinsed it out. There was some slip to the product but I am use to having a little more slip factor. After leaving the shower I followed the LOC Method, (Liquid, Oil, Cream) and applied a liquid water based leave in, oiled with the Argan Oil Treatment, and used a hair butter on my ends as my cream.

After I finished my LOC Method I let my hair air dry for 24 hours. The following day I took my braided dry hair down and applied a light heat protector, I flat ironed my hair and then I applied just a little more Argan Oil Treatment to my hair, about a dime size amount. I then wrapped my hair with a satin scarf and I didn’t remove my scarf until Monday morning when it was time to go to work.

On Monday morning my hair was so SOFT. It had shine and bounce to it. I received so many compliments on how healthy and strong my hair look. The following week it was time for me to go back to Naturally Curly. I am always a little scared of heat damage so I made sure I followed my normal back to curly routine. I pre-poo with a protein treatment, I clarified with a clarifying shampoo, deep conditioned with my Holy Grail deep conditioner, used a heating cap, rinsed and guess what… My curls came back, no damage.

All in all I am very happy with Arvazallia Argan Oil products. I am in love with the Argan Oil Treatment the most because a little goes a very long way and it did make my hair feel so soft for days.

Hope this information helped!