Fun Beauty App from GlamST

What an amazing concept! I get to try on makeup on my computer before I decide to buy it!! I don’t have to feel pressured from any sales person, I’m not rushing to the shelves to fight over the last concealer in my shade, no lines, no fuss and I can do this from my own home. Using GlamST by uploading my photo and just trying on top brands of makeup is awesome. You can upload a nice picture of yourself and just figure the points of your face, like the shape of your eye and face, using the GlamST site and then begin playing in makeup. For the best results, upload a picture of yourself in daylight, pull the hair out of your face, have no makeup on, and SMILE!

The feature that I like the most is the foundation part. I have freckles and there are sometimes that I want to hide my freckles and times that I want to show off my angel kisses. Using the foundation feature I can see which foundation would give me the most coverage to cover the freckles in the picture.

Here I used Becca and I really like the results.

Can you believe the makeup in this photo is all from the computer!!! Amazing!! I used the NARS Super Orgasm blush that I never heard of before plus a NARS Concealer too!! I was even able to pick my shade!! I am floored!!

You can change the eye shape area to create different looks too. I think it's cool for use with tight almond hooded eyes to be able to play around with that feature. 

Love this app and can't wait to upload more pictures and try on more makeup. Best thing is that I dont have to worry about breaking out in acne from trying on so much makeup LOL.


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