Juicing and Hair Growth

In 2012 I did try the juice detox diet. I lasted on the diet for about a month. Here is a video where I talked about my juice diet experience:

The first time I tried the green juice diet it was very hard. I had headaches and my skin broke out. From what I have learned it was the detox phase.

Since I run a hair and beauty youtube channel a lot of my subscribers want to know how my hair responded to juicing. Did you get any growth? Did your hair get stronger? To answer the question.... Well somewhat. The first time I juiced my hair was in braids so I didn't notice much with my hair. The second time I gave juicing a try my hair was in it's naturally curly state and I really wanted to see what juicing really did for my hair.

After about 3 weeks of juicing my hair started to have this luster to it. It had a nice sheen and looked and felt stronger. Yes, I followed my normal hair care routine and wasn't trying any new products at the time. I wanted to see what juicing did for my hair using my normal HG and Staple products. I ended up attending a natural hair event and I bumped into some friends and right away they noticed my hair seemed "different".

As far as growth, well, my natural fine thin 4a hair doesn't grow fast. I may retain less than 1/4th of an inch a month. I guess I'm one of the rare ones. No matter what I do, eat, drink, protective style, or use on my hair, growth isn't in the cards for me. My hair grows very slowly and primarily only in the spring time, I live in Los Angeles, and it hibernates all of the other seasons. So I didn't get any major growth spurts by juicing, sorry. I did have stronger hair and I believe that if I can juice for more than a month next time I may see some growth benefits because the stronger my hair is the less likely I will have breakage. I don't have any major breakage but if i can hang on to what I have then the better my hair is.

Juicing was a challenge also because I really only like 2 recipes and I tried so many. Here is the recipe I followed:

Recipe 1
2-3 cups of Spinach
4 stalks of Celery
1 Green Apple
2 Carrots
1/3 a Cucumber
1/2 small Green Chayote (Mexican Green Squash)

Recipe 2
2-3 cups of Spinach
4 stalks of celery
2 green pears
2 carrots
1/3 a cucumber
1/2 small green Chayote (Mexican Green Squash)
Sprinkle of Ginger to taste

I tried so many other recipes for juicing and it just didn't suite my taste buds. I stuck with these 2 recipes as my only meals for almost a month of this detox challenge. To slowly get back into eating solid foods I started eating spinach salads and fruit for snacks. My body felt good and my hair did benefit from it. Right now I do this challenge 2 times a year but I will be doing it more often beginning this summer. You would be amazed at how much money you save on food by juicing and how much better your body feels.

Hope this information helped.



Unknown said…
Loving video! I appreciate your honesty! Your personality really shined through! Looking forward to more. (:

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You are very welcome and that you for watching.