OMG the heat here in Los Angeles is in full force and it's time for me to put away my Spring time LOC method and begin my Summer Regimen for my fine thin 4A hair.

Some may ask why does this differ from season to season for me. Well a lot has to do with my environment. The humidity levels in Los Angeles increase and I need to be mindful of dew points so that my hair is retaining moisture. I am also a single mom and pretty busy so the less fuss with my hair the better. Also when it's hot outside I find it so refreshing to take more showers and there is something about having the water run through my hair that is so relaxing.

So out with the LOC method and in with a more Curly Girl Friendly Method. I say Curly Girl Friendly because it's not exactly the method of not using shampoo. I do however leave my conditioner in my hair. So here is what the plan is for summer 2014:

Nothing or Co-Wash with Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner

She Scent It Avocado Conditioner or Curl Junkie Curl Rehab

Deep Conditioner:
Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks

Leave In:
CONDITIONER!! (I use several types)

GEL!!! (Still on the hunt for a replacement for UFD Curly Magic)

My oil mix of Camillea Oil Argan Oil, JBCO, Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil

As you can tell the product line up is pretty simple. The only thing is that I go from washing my hair 7-15 days to ever 4-7 days. I have to make sure that my moisture and protein balance is on point, if protein is needed I use my Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. I have to make sure my hair doesn't need glycerin (a product that can take moisture out of your hair in certain dew points and can add moisture to the hair in certain dew points). If my hair is in need of a humectant I use my Mai Sweet Carla Shea Butter mix from Tasti Kiss or I use my Greg Juice from Oyin Handmade. If there is any buildup, and there normally isn't, I just use some Braggs ACV on my hair and rinse.

I style my hair in a wash in go or a low ponytail. No fuss! When I want to be sassy I either slap on a wig or I pop a flower in my hair.

I normally keep this routine until around September when I start to switch over to my Fall/Autumn Hair Care Routine.

Hope this information helps.




Andor said…
You look nice!