Punked Up Pink from Redken 5th Ave NYC

I decided to change up my purple hair love affair for a pink love affair this October. I didn't want to commit to a color but I wanted something that would be intense enough to show up on my dark brown hair without bleaching it and one that would wash out after a few weeks. I ended up using the Color Rebel from Redken 5th Ave in Punked Up Pink. Now these pictures don't do the intense color justice but I am very happy with the outcome.

It was very easy use. Remove the top, remove the cap, put on the round sponge, click click click about 15 times and apply to hair. I didn't have rubber gloves so I use some foil to protect my skin. I paint on the tips about 6 inched from the bottom to right above my eye and clipped it  out of the way. I then got out my blow drier and just let the hot hair  hit it for about 3 minutes. I combed it out and then flat iron it. I did leave a little color on my flat iron but I wiped it away so it wouldn't stain my  flat iron and guess what, I was DONE. It took about 20 minutes in total to Ombre Pink color my bangs and now I have beautiful bangs with pink tips for the next few weeks until I wash it out.

What I did notice is that it made my natural 4a hair a little hard where I applied the color. When I went to wrap my hair up for the night I added a little Ayurvedic Butter from Tasti Kiss to it to keep my hair soft and without breakage.

So far I am in love with this product and I can't wait to try more colors!!

Hope this info helps.

Luv yah.