Great store to find nail art supplies plus more

One thing that most people didn't know about me was that during my freshman year in college I did nails out of my dorm rooms to help ends meet. It's been 10 years and I'm still hooked on nail are design and all things girlie.

I happened upon this website called Born Pretty Store and I have been hooked on all of their products. I tell you they have thousands of items to pick from. When I went to CosmoProf in Vegas in 2014 I found these really cute rubbery 3D flower decals but could never find them in stores, not even online at beauty stores like Sallys or Amazon had them, it wasn't until I found Born Pretty Store that I finally found them.

I am going to try and control my ordering in 2015 to just once a month but please don't hold me to it, LOL. I have my eyes on more water decals, more 3D metal decals and holographic polish!!! I have been using the code NEET10 to save on my purchase and they also have FREE SHIPPING!! Can't beat that! Great prices, plus discount using NEET10 and free shipping, you can't go wrong!!

Check out this video about my latest haul from Born Pretty Store.

Here is the website and don't forget to use a good discount code like NEET10.