Review: Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave

Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave

Now a lot of you may know that I'm a Natural fine thin 4a Curly Girl. For the most part my hair is in it's natural curly state but beginning 2015 I will be straightening my hair more often. I was thinking that every other month I would straighten my hair and give bunning a break. So for the last 6 months I have been on a mission to see which products and which tools would work best for me, something simple and to keep styling time at a minimum. 

I came across the InstaWave from Kiss. Many of you don't know that my hair holds heat like no other. Whenever I flat iron or even blow dry my hair it's so hot I can hardly touch it unless I'm wearing gloves or using a lot of towels to protect my fingers. So when I saw this InstaWave curler I really wanted to try it. So here goes:

(After flat ironing my hair)

(Letting the barrel spin and it curling my hair)

(First two curls done)

(Curls done on my bangs)

(Really feeling myself, lol)

(Added a glitter bonnet to the back, I was running late)

(Oh yeah, this is cute, LOL)

(Not too bad)

(Has settings of High, Low, and Off. There is a clockwise and counter clockwise spin setting)

Now for the review....
When I plugged this iron into the electrical socket I was worried because I started to hear a hissing noise. I immediately sent an email to the company and awaited their response. I went ahead and use the InstaWave despite the low hissing sound. I at first couldn't figure out which way to spin the barrel so that I could have my curls frame my face and have them go in the right direction. I sectioned my bangs into two on each side. Then I sprayed on some heat protectant and a little holding spray. I wrapped just the end of my hair into the barrel and then I clicked the spin button. It movedkind of quickly and it swirled my hair unto the curling iron. Once the barrel reached the roots of my hair I stopped spinning it and I held it for 30 seconds. I pulled down on the curling iron and out slide my first curl. I was impressed and I was super happy that I really didn't have to touch my hot heat holding hair. YAY!! 

If there was anything I would have done differently I would have not put as much oil in my hair during the flat ironing process. My hair seemed a bit stringy so I know for next time.

After about a week I got a response from the company about the hissing noise, I was told it was normal. The hiss sounds like someone is letting the air out of a balloon, not to loud but noticeable if you listen for it.

After having used it a second time the hissing isn't as loud as when I 1st tried it.

Would I recommend this product? Yes
Does it work on African American type 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c hair? Yes. The texture doesn't matter
What length of hair does it work best on? Because of the size of the barrel I would suggest shoulder length hair and longer.
Would you buy more from this company? YES
Where can you buy this product? Target and ULTA
Does it tangle your hair? Not if you section it before curling.

Hope this information helped.


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