Ingrown Toenail Natural Remedy with Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Don't ask me why but both my son and I get ingrown toenails at least 3 times a year. No matter how I cute mine or his toenails is seems to always happen. I found a great remedy for keeping the pain at bay, treating the area, and we have been getting less and less ingrown toenails. I have been using 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil that I got off amazon and it has been working wonders.

All I would do to help with the pain and treat the area is clip down the ingrown nail, dig the area out so that there is no dead skin, with a nail pick and I would dip the pick in the Tea Tree Oil. On the first night I would apply some of the tea tree oil to a cotton ball and use a bandage on top of the nail. By morning the skin would be softer and the tea tree oil with work as an anti-fungal remedy.

Each night I would apply a little more tea tree oil with either a q-tip or with the nail pick until the nail would grow back properly. The pain would fully be gone within 2 days or 3. 

I found that there are tons of ways you can use tea tree oil and this brand is the pure oil so I'm sticking to using this oil. I also love to use this tea tree oil in a mix of alkaline water and boiled soapnuts, works as a insect repellent and I can clean down my counters with it. Cool. Glad I was able to find this brand of Tea Tree Oil.