JCat Beauty Swatch and Review POUT-HOLIC Lipsticks

I seem to always love shopping in the Beauty Supply Store monthly just to see what new items are available. I recently visited a BSS in Inglewood, CA and I came across new JCat Beauty Lipsticks. I saw that they were only $3.99 a piece and I immediately grabbed a handful to take home and try. Early this year I attended ISSELB 2015 and was able to get my hands on a few more.

I was impressed with the pigmentation on them on sight and after playing around with them I was impressed again. It wasn't until I sat down to do a swatch video that I noticed the names of the Pout-Holic Lipsticks. They are too cute and they used hashtags:

#Yolo: You Live Only Once (Yeah the name is a little out of order) - A pastel lime color.
#TBT: Throw Back Thursday - A pastel lavender lilac color.
#WCM: Woman Crush Wed - A creamy yellow color.
#MCM: Man Candy Mon - A rich deep grey that can appear pale blue in flash color.
#OOTD: Outfit Of The Day - A deep royal blue color.
#SMH: Shaking My Head - A shimmery beige tone color.
#L4L: Like For Like - A candy pink coral color.
#F4F: Follow For Follow - An opaque coral color.
#CTFU: Cracking Up - A baby teal pastel color.
#LOVE: Love - A creamy rich purple color.
#iCAN: I Can - A rich pink borderline fuchsia color.
#OH: Over Head - An intense orange color.
#RATEDR: Rated R - A pure white color.
#2SIZESUP: 2 Sizes Up - A black color.

(Arm swatches to come)

I don't have every color but I do have a lot. Check out my video swatching the lipsticks that I have and you can see how they fare on my Beige/Tan tone skin (I was a MAC NC35 in this video, I am normally an NC40).

All in all the lipsticks are affordable, you can find them on the ground or order online HERE.

The pigmentation on them are 8 out of 10. They will require reapplying after a few hours but last a decent amount of time. They come in a wide rang of colors. There is a shimmery one in the collection but most of them are opaque. The texture is pretty creamy on the opaque ones and not sticky. I do feel that these lipstick may require a liner if you wish to wear them a good 12 hours without bleeding.

All in all, I would buy these again and I do believe they are MUA starter kit ready. Any student or beauty enthusiast would be happy having these in their collection.

Hope this information helps.

Luv U,