My Healthy Hair Challenge Bootcamp

TastiRedone's Healthy Hair Challenge
July 18th - October 17, 2015

  • Time for a healthy hair gorw out challenge. I haven't done one of these in a long time and I feel my hair is ready for the next step on my way to below BSL natural hair.
  • Here are my plans:
  • Consume at least 1 serving of dark veggies a day or veggie supplement (Green smoothies are supplements for me)
  • Consume a fish oil supplement (I'm chosing Flaxseed Oil Gel Caps)
  • Use CASTOR OIL 2 times a week on your hair or scalp (Cold Pressed or JBCO is fine, I'm using a blend of JBCO, Sapote Oil and Tamanu Oil)
  • Drink 8 glasses of water or more a day (I'm going to try and drink mostly Alkaline water)
  • Protective style is optional (I'm going to alternate from wash and go, flat twist out, buns, and maybe a wig)
  • L.O.C. method is optional 
  • Hot Oil Treatment is optional (I will try and do this on a Friday night using my JBCO healthy Hair Oil blend I got from Tropical Isle)

I'm going to be using the LOC method because I have gotten great reuslts with it, it's simple, and my haor feels and looks great. L = Liquid, my liquid will either be water or a water based spray like Oyin Handmade Greg Juice, which contains glycerin so it depends on the humidity outside on if I will use it or not. O = Oil, my oil is a blend of Tropical Isle JBCO, Anita Grant's Sapote Castor Oil and Organic Tumano Oil. I will apply this while I'm in the shower and the room is steamy while my hair cuticles are open and I can seal in as muct moisture as possible. C = Cream, this depends on the style I'm going for, I have many buttercreams, butters and stylers to pick from.

My goal is healthy hair, thicker hair, healthy scalp and some growth of course lol. 

Oh and the reason behind the oils is because my scalp isn't producing as much sebum as it needs to in order to get the thickness and growth that I desire. Using these oils should help with that. I will be parting my hair into 4 sections and adding about a quarter size or more to each section on wash day. Mid week I will to a scalp massage with the oil, using about a dime size amount per section.

Wash day for me will depend on the products I have been using for the week, for example when I use gels I will use myt Braggs ACV to break it up, maybe some diluted castille soap and condition my hair. I will be using a poo par from with Bobeam or Anita Grant (via Hattache). My conditioners are She Scent It Avocado Conditioner and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab. If I need some protein it will pick from Aubrey Organics GPB, SSI Banana Brulee, CJ Hibiscus Banana. I may try a few new products here and there but for the most part I want to be consistent for the next few months.

Facts: I'm starting with about 14 inches og hair above my right ear and that's what I will be measuring. The back of my hair is about 15-16 inches but hard to reach so I want to just measure one part that's easy to reach and keep track of.

If you want to join please leave a comment below.