Black Friday Wishlist #1 (Hattache)

It's no secret that I love me a one stop shop. I love a place where I can get all of my natural haircare needs, has great customer service, and super fast shipping and I'm talking about Hattache. This store started in CA and has moved to the east coast but my love for this store has not left.

This Christmas I need to gift a few items to my mom, she needs cowashes and conditioners. I need conditioner and deep conditioners and maybe a leave in or two. My son needs body products that cater to sensative skin, so as you can see I can get everything I need for the household from one shop, Hattache.

They normally offer around 20% off but this year it will be 25% off with code BF015.

Here is my wishlist from Hattache:

Bobeam Condish (For entire family)
Obia Naturals (For me to try)
SheScentIt  (For entire Family)
Skinnamon (For entire Family and Sensative skin)
Tropical Isle Living (For my grow out challenge)

Lots of these brands are tried and true for me. Bobeam has the best poo bars in the game but I am in love with their Condish, I think I purchased 5 of them the last time Hattache had a sale.

I think that my mom's 3C hair will really like the Twisting Creams from Darcy's and their Conditioners. I think I will get her an oil too.

Jayden has really dry skin and I haven't made body butters for the home in a while so I need to get some for him quickly. I think he will like this brand,

Obia Naturals I have tried a twisting cream from them, thanks to CurlyGirlJess and AshkinCurls for sending me some on their last trip to the World Natural Hair Show in ATL. It was a great replacement for my holy grail Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding which is no longer made. 

SDot Beauty I learned about from BlueOttLisa and I love their body butters but I have heard such wonderful things about their conditioners and leave ins that I just have to try it.

SheScentIt is a store that is packed with holy grails for me, including my favorite Avocado Conditioner. So I will be getting shampoos, cowashes, conditioners, and deep conditioners from SheScentIt for me, my mom and my son. My mom with her 3C hair, me with my 4A hair and my son with his 4B hair all can use the products from this line. Love them.

Skinnamon is a new favorite for me. I have tried their scrubs (on my face) and I'm in love. When I need something with some power and a little rough I turn to this brand. Jayden and I are going to be trying their body wash pretty soon, I have a bottle of Shea Moisture I need to finish and then its all SKINNAMON TIME lol.

Tropical Isle Living has had my heart for years and years. I swear by their JBCO. I have tried over brands and they actually give me sores on my scalp. This brand is perfect, no negative reactions and this year I have gotten so much growth by using a new form of the LOC method and their products. I will be doing a detailed video review on this new found method and how I got 2 inches of growth in a month. I was shocked.

OK I hope my Hattache wish list helps you out this holiday season. Stay tuned for Wishlist #2.