Grammy Gift Lounge with Simone I Smith

I am loving these new charm necklaces from Simone I Smith! You can purchase them from her website or at Macy's,

This is not my first time viewing Mrs. Smith's line of fabulous jewelry but I can tell you that it gets better and better. I fell in love with her "Blessed" charm necklace a few months ago while interviewing her at Macy's Fox Hills, this time I saw yet another piece that I wanted, the "I Love You More" charm necklace. 

The the Grammy Gift Lounge Mrs. Smith launched a new Men's bracelet collection. Also in attendance was her supportive husband, LL Cool J, rocking the bracelet as well. I liked that the bracelet had some weight to it and wasn't super light for the Men's Focus collection.

Another must have from Simone I Smith are the earrings! Yes Lawd, I want them all!!!

Hopefully you will see more sporting some of these pieces in my upcoming youtube videos and while I'm attending other events this year.