Must-Haves for Runners

With spring fitness and marathon season approaching, all runners and athletes should have specialized care kits to help with common injuries, including swelling, discomforts, and stressed ligaments.  

Two of the most common injuries runners face are ankle sprains and runner's knee. Pains and Strains offer specific kits directly aimed to help consumers with both of these common injuries. 

The Ankle Sprain Care Kit offers proper rehabilitation instruction so athletes can regain strength and full range of natural motion.  The kit includes: a Freeze Sleeve, Stabilizing Ankle Brace, Strength & Stretch Plan, Resistance Exercise Bands, Stretch Strap, and Fast Freeze.

Runner’s knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) is caused by vigorous physical activities that put repeated stress on the knee — such as jogging, squatting, and climbing stairs as well as a sudden change in frequency of activity. The Patella Tendon Care Kit will help reduce pain and speed recovery.

Pains and Strains is the first company to offer physician level therapies and instruction at a retail level. Please let me know if you’re interested in additional information!  

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