The One and Only Mario Lopez seen in the New Arctic Cool Active Wear #HydrofreezeX Technology

Even in the midst of launching his new Lopez Family YouTube Channel and announcing being the host of Candy Crush, EXTRA’s Mario Lopez takes the time to work on his physique while wearing the latest and greatest technology in the fitness world. Setting itself apart from competitors, the Arctic Cool Active Wear, utilizes the #HydrofreezeX Technology which actually ‘actively cools' while you sweat. As sweat is released from the body, the material in the shirt, different from DryFit technology or any other technology on the market, wicks away the body's sweat as it activates a “cooling process” through patented technology, which leaves you feeling cooler as you experience the routine of your workout! 

The shirt has also received rave reviews from individuals working through medical issues such as menopause, hormonal issues, and excessive overheating.

Arctic Cool is thrilled to announce that Mario enjoyed his workout, as he states, “Was really feeling the new cooling technology of the tank. Cooled me down as I sweat! I am always in the gym so this will come in handy. Amazing new technology..." 

Arctic Cool will continue to be seen on influencers around the country such as the star of Buns of Steel Tamilee Webb and more!

Photo credit: Michael Simon/
Who: Mario Lopez
What: Arctic Cool Activewear featuring #HydroFreezeX Technology