National Elephant Appreciation Day and The Elephant Pants

Do you like Elephants? Do you like Feelin' Good? In celebration of National Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22nd, The Elephant Pants are out to Save Elephants and Feel good.

They will be donating $1 from every item sold for Elephant Appreciation Day to TUSK, who provide the most promising solutions to the crisis facing Africa’s wildlife. Use the code ELEPHANTAPPRECIATION10 for $$ off your purchase. It will be valid from 12am Friday (September 22) until 3am Monday (September 25).

If you have not heard about these pants, you have definitely seen someone on the street with the bold printed harem pants that are embellished with The Elephant Pants' signature elephants. I saw them at a street party on the Fourth of July.

The Elephant Pants ideal for lounging but I found that I can pair them with a blazer and heels and wear them to work on casual Friday. The fabric is soft but doesn’t provide much stretch except for the waist band. The sizing is perfect for most body types, including plus size. Each harem pants come in fun colored print is also named after a real life elephant!

For every pair that a customer purchases, The Elephant Pants donates $1 to the African Wildlife Fund, who is currently running the “Say No Campaign.
  • Comfy
These are some of the most comfy pants and are light, breezy, and versatile. They can be worn almost anywhere if paired with the right shirt, blazer, and shoes, etc.
  • Affordable
The price point runs around $18-25 a pair. (Shipping is not included)
  • Quality
Being plus size and have thick thighs that rub together my thighs rub the material together and wore them thin. With an already thin material, the thigh area on these pants wont last long for me and I will rub a hole in them.
  • Shrinkage
The first pair of elephant pants I washed, I used cold water and tumble dried them on the lowest heat setting possible. Unfortunately, they shrunk a bit in length and in the legs. With me being 5’11” I saw that the length shrinkage was going to be an issue. So now I have to cut them into capris or wear them with high socks. I will continue to wash these pants in cold water and just hang them to dry, I wish I would have known that before I dried them the 1st time, live and learn.
Overall I am very happy with the pants. I would purchase them again because they are super comfy, the amazing print, and their efforts to help animal wildlife.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to making the world a better place for elephants, we make sure that a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a sustainable future where elephants thrive. By aligning ourselves with both global and localized grassroots operations, we aim to make a difference for elephants everywhere. While every elephant herd faces its own unique challenges, the tactics needed to overcome them all have one thing in common : humans working together. With partners on the ground wherever there are elephants, we aim to use our products and the lifestyle they inspire as a vehicle for real change.
Tusk provides training and employment for anti-poaching units throughout Africa. They also invest in tracker dogs, surveillance technology, vehicles, aircraft and the additional support needed in the battle against poaching.

Tusk invests in community development, career opportunities and education to make wildlife a resource for the people of Africa. As people are lifted out of poverty and achieve economic security, they become strong stewards of conservation. Tusk-supported projects directly employ over 6,000 people and construct clinics, water projects, roads, airstrips and schools – helping communities realize the economic value of wildlife.

To prevent conflicts between people and wildlife, Tusk supports creative solutions that allow communities and wildlife to coexist. These initiatives help communities stop viewing wildlife as a threat to their livelihoods – the first step towards a sustainable future for Africa’s wildlife.

Tusk’s habitat protection spans borders to ensure that the critical landscapes and ecosystems on which wildlife depends for survival are preserved and protected.

Technology is accelerating wildlife conservation efforts in the most remote parts of Africa. The use of technology in wildlife conservation is a critical component of Tusk’s work, aiding in the protection of many species that are in danger of extinction.