New Cosmetics Launch: GoodJanes

I wanted to introduce you to the newly launched naturally derived cosmetics and beauty brand, GoodJanes, and its patented Kiss My Lash mirror, which is constructed at obtuse angles to help the user to view their upper and lower lashes simultaneously for flawless makeup and lash application.

The GoodJanes line is geared toward the lash-fanatic, and features 18 different false eyelash styles (all made with cruelty-free mink) and 2 exclusive mascaras. 


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The lead product in the GoodJanes beauty arsenal is its patented Kiss My Lash mirror, which is constructed with a base mirror and side mirrors extending at obtuse angles to help the user to view their upper and lower lashes simultaneously for flawless makeup and lash application. Kiss My Lash features a triangulated mirror to provide close, clear viewing. Consumers can either hold the mirror, set it on a flat surface to look into, or attach it to the Kiss My Lash stand. 

In line with the brand’s vision to create organic products without compromising the luxurious and modern feel, each product in the GoodJanes line contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals and is 100 percent cruelty-free. With essential formulas and cutting-edge technology, GoodJanes promotes a health-conscious and pure way of life while maintaining a fashion-forward vision for the newly launched brand.
The GoodJanes falsie line includes 18 different sets of lashes to offer the wearer a varied look. The cosmetics line includes two varieties of naturally derived mascaras to achieve a full, lengthened, or volumized appearance. The cosmetics line is completed with the GoodJanes eyelash curler.  

"My vision for GoodJanes is to allow makeup-lovers to experiment with looks that they might have lusted after but struggled to recreate for themselves,” said GoodJanes Founder Janelle Friedman. “From product development to personally testing formulas, I am committed to delivering the highest quality of eco- and health-conscious cosmetics and beauty accessories.”

GoodJanes cosmetics, false eyelashes and accessories and the Kiss My Lash mirror, stand, and curler can be purchased online through the brand’s website. The Kiss My Lash Mirror and stand retail for $39.95 and $30.95 respectively. GoodJanes Beauty accessories and cosmetics, including disposable spoolies, curler and mascaras retail between $9.95 and $25.95. GoodJanes 18 lash options range between $29.95 and $59.95.
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About GoodJanes
GoodJanes is a beauty company which uses naturally derived ingredients to promote health-conscious options for its user, without compromising on product luxury or quality. GoodJanes is the creator of the patented Kiss My Lash mirror, which allows the user to see their upper and lower lashes from all angles for effortless makeup and false eyelash application. GoodJanes cosmetics are made from plant, vegetable, and fruit stem cells that are vegan, cruelty-free and contain no sulfates or harsh chemicals. To learn more about GoodJanes’ line of eyelash makeup, lashes and accessories follow GoodJanes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and visit