Abigail Ratchford "The Queen of Instagram" on Social Media Empire & Summer Tips

Touted as "The Queen of Instagram" by dozens of media outlets including Esquire, Maxim, E!, The New York Post, People Magazine, and more, we would love to arrange an interview with you and the stunning and savvy, Abigail Ratchford who is taking the media by storm. With an accumulated solid fan base of over 14 million combined social media followers and over 500,000 views on her daily Snapchat stories, this brunette babe is a true social media guru. Beyond her thriving modeling career, she is bringing the business woman in her to the forefront and capitalizing on today's social media obsessed world and rising to the top in an ever changing internet landscape.
Knowing your audience and what content is most engaging is key and Abigail has mastered this art to a tee. Now acquiring even more of a following for her venture into a recent app launch, Abigail is available to share with your audience unique content including the following ideas:
  • Best and worst Instagram direct message pickup lines
  • How to use social media to make money
  • Philanthropy and why using her platform to give back is so important to her
  • Dealing with haters on social media
  • Quick and easy low-fat, but tasty recipes
  • How to build and maintain followers organically 
  • Must have ingredients in your skin care routine
  • Abigail's top tips for achieving flawless and glowing skin
  • A personalized Instagram-makeup tutorial for every face shape (glam/casual/selfie-ready)
  • Home d├ęcor - how to make your home/apt look like a million dollars on a budget
  • The best photo angles to show off your curves
  • #HackMyLife Selfie Edition
  • Top tips for keeping your Instagram account interesting while staying "on brand"
  • Future plans for a lingerie line for every body type! 
After a photographer friend shot her first photoshoot and posted her pictures on his site, she was immediately swarmed with attention from numerous men's interest sites. In 2014 she moved to LA where her modeling career took off and her social media following grew drastically. Her video, "More Bounce to the Ounce," immediately attracted the attention of TMZ and went viral, and since she has since been featured everywhere including Sports Illustrated magazine's 'Lovely Lady of the Day' and regularly in MAXIM.
Abigail has an electric drive and passion, and her own creative energy is the brilliant force behind the ideas for all of her videos. More than just a pretty face, Abigail's comedic chops also went viral on her recent Funny or Die. appearance.