Vegan, Cruelty-Free Liquid Lipsticks -- A Shade for Your Every Mood

From seasonal hues to daily moods, MGS Accessories has a lip color that fits the look and spirit of women. “Each liquid lipstick representing your mood for the day and how you are feeling including: Natural, Mysterious, Uptight, Frisky, Glam, Posh, Peachy, Boss Lady, Cutie and Saucy,” according to CEO & Founder of MGS Accessories Rashee Gupta. 
MGS Accessories offers a long-lasting and pigmented collection of Matte Liquid Lipsticks featuring a color for every occasion and mood that are kiss-proof tested!

“Our liquid lipsticks last all day without transfer (unless, of course, you eat something oily...then you will need to reapply),” Rashee says. “They are also nourishing with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil so you won't get that dry, crack-y feeling.”
Each of MGS Accessories products are vegan and cruelty-free.  “I believe in a healthy life and lifestyle and believe there is absolutely no need to use products that are tested on animals. I am vegetarian myself who doesn’t even eat eggs, so I am very against abuse and cruelty toward animals,” Rashee explains. “In these recent years I have had many people close to me fall ill and it has caused me to step back and rethink products we use in our everyday life.”

About Rashee Gupta: After three successful years as an international makeup artist and success in being a beauty blogger, Rashee, who is CEO & Founder of MGS Accessories, wanted to further share her knowledge, love, and passion for all things glam and related to skincare and makeup. Feeling the void of products as well as representation for women of color and an absence of products and names she could relate to, she set out to create MGS Accessories. A brand that is not only glam but pays tribute to Rashee’s Indian roots. We are a cruelty-free makeup brand with vegan products that carries a variety of beauty products and tools as well as skincare. Visit:


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