4 factors to consider when picking up a new sex partner during Covid-19 CEO of Ella Paradis Tino Dietrich

Although the Covid-19 is not transmitted through sex, its primarily spread through respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth seems to make any attempt of intimacy with a new partner is risky and somehow scary.

Clearly, returning to a normal sex life after COVID19 will be difficult but we can’t put our lives on hold forever as such an approach would most probably lead into social and mental health issues.
Relationships expert Tino Dietrich has put together four key considerations required when choosing a new sex partner during Covid-19:

-       Consider masked sex which will considerably reduce the risk of infection, especially if you are in a room with good ventilation. This can be a fun game if choosing an effective mask. 
-      Communication is key with your future partner about any possible symptoms you may have and of your possible previous exposure to the virus. Keep attentive to identifying these symptoms in each of you and consider the ‘14 days period waiting’ before meeting for the first time.
-       People with previous conditions should be cautious like hypertension or cardiovascular disease, or who are immunocompromised or over the age of 65, should continue to be especially cautious about any in-person contact.
-       Keep up the good hygiene and clean-up practices and the STI prevention which remains as essential as before, so you protect yourself and your partner from infections and not just Covid-19