Gel Bae Now Available in the US

Australia’s #1 Highest selling In Home Gel Nail brand, Gel Bae has finally arrived in the USA! Now you can have easy to apply, perfect gel nails every time without a manicurist.
Due to the closure of many beauty salons nationwide, people are left wondering how to get those perfect nails from the comfort of their own home. For those looking for how to get a salon fresh manicure despite quarantine, Serena DC and her company Gel Bae has the answer for you.
This revolutionary new line of at home gel nail products, Gel Bae’s Poly Gel nails are the easiest and simplest way to achieve gorgeous gel nails at home. Taking as little as 20 minutes to apply a full set, the kit has been perfectly designed for self application and includes everything you need to get the picture perfect look. With tens of thousands of customers, Gel Bae has a cult following of devoted customers including celebrities, nail technicians and beauty bloggers. Only 1 month after launching, it is already breaking sales records with Shopify, ranking in the top 1% of over 100,000 stores worldwide. "And this is just the beginning", Serena said. "Women all around the world are sick of spending hundreds of dollars every year on their nails. By using Gel Bae you can apply a full set of gel nails for only $6!"
Gel Bae Poly Gel Nails are the same caliber gel nails that would be applied at a salon, and will typically give you two to three weeks of exceptional nails before having to be replaced.
For those that are worried about health or safety concerns, the Gel Bae Poly Gel material is non-toxic and safer to use than the typical acrylic you might find in a salon. The nails are also a non-leveling product which does not require you to file down your nails, avoiding potential unnecessary damage.
Gel Bae Poly Gel nail range is the latest product innovation to come from beauty industry veterans, Secret Stylist. Secret Stylist was founded in 2008 in Australia by Serena de Comarmond, better known as TV personality Serena DC. Serena had a vision of creating high end quality products at affordable prices for the Australian and International markets. During her search for the best products for her consumer, she found that many competitors were unnecessarily expensive, with a quality that lacked the desired look of perfect at home nails.
Serena has never been more excited about one of her product ranges before. "I have always been so obsessed with having amazing nails! I designed this range over in Los Angeles consulting with my stylists, make up artists, nail tech and some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I wanted to create an on trend range of colours and sparkle that every woman would fall in love with. That's why it is called Gel "bae". Because I absolutely LOVE Gel Nails!"
You can purchase a starter kit easily from the website The kits come in an array of different colors and styles, each with a wonderfully affordable price tag, that won’t break your budget. The website includes easy to follow tutorial videos that explain step by step how to apply and remove your beautiful nails safely. 
“Why spend upwards of $30-$40 and waste an hour in a chair when you can do your own nails at home for as little as $6 and in just 20 minutes!" says Serena.
In the past it was almost impossible to apply Gel Nails to yourself as the process required skill, intricacy and a very steady hand, however that has now changed with the introduction of our easy to use "Nail Casts". This new system allows you to mould your nails prior to attaching them allowing you to easily create your dream nails. “One of the things I hated most about going to a salon is the damage the salons did to my nails whilst removing the gel or acrylic” says Serena, “So I designed Gel Bae to be easy to remove and gentle on your nails”
The pandemic and state of the world right now is stressful enough, without having to worry about the state of your nails. The Gel Bae Poly Gel Nail System allows you to apply Salon Quality Gel Nails in the comfort of your own home with zero nail application experience. Just follow our simple 4 step guide contained in your kit to easily apply stunning nails at-home
Owner Serena DC spends her time between Los Angeles and Melbourne. Serena DC is a multi-hyphenate Entrepreneur, Beauty Mogul and TV Personality. As well as owning several successful companies and starring in the Netflix show Instant Hotel, she is the host of a brand new celebrity interview series called Hollywood Disclosure which will premier in July on the FYI network, and the lead in the new reality series Dream Life which will be out later this year.
With Gel Bae quickly becoming the fastest growing in-home nail brand on the Planet, Serena DC is well on her way to being the Kylie Jenner of Nails. Place your order fast as these unbelievable nail miracles are flying out the door to the Boss Babes like you that want their nails to look fantastic again.
For inspiring nail art inspo follow Gel Bae on Instagram @gelbae or Serena DC @iamserenadcnudes.pngArctic White.pngall-products-presentation.png


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