Noa Kai Swimwear Launches Brand with Giveaway 100 Swimsuit Giveaway Campaign

NOA KAI Swimwear Brand Launches with Unique Elevated Brand Ambassador Program by Gifting 100 Swimsuits to Female Entrepreneurs Impacted by COVID-19
Innovative Marketing Campaign Designed to Promote Working from Home and Opportunity to Supplement Lost Income
Benefits of the Elevated Brand Ambassador Program
Specific details can be found on the Noa Kai's Elevated Brand Ambassador Program online application form. Some of the unique benefits of the 100 selected participants will enjoy are:

  • A FREE Noa Kai swimsuit
  • FREE shipping within the United States or Canada
  • The ability to earn 10% from all sales generated using a customized code media sites
  • Exclusive invites to Noa Kai photoshoots and events around the world
..........(airfare provided)

COVID-19 has resulted in a dramatic shift in traditional employment trends, which is best exemplified by the highest unemployment rates in more than a century prior to the outbreak. Twenty-five to 35% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days by 2021, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Noa Kai’s Elevated Brand Ambassador Program is designed to not only provide female entrepreneurs supplemental income, but give participants hope for a better future.

“With the expansion of digital businesses, females of our generation grew up with aspirations to become their own boss,” said Mari. “Because of COVID, all of the major swimwear brands are going online out of necessity to stay in business. Our Elevated Brand Ambassador Program provides budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn from home and explore the world of content creation without investing their own money in a new business.” Websites are now replacing conventional storefronts and Noa Kai is leading the way with its innovative marketing campaign to broaden the reach of its brand. 
Noa Kai is created, designed, and operated by mother-daughter duo Mika and Mari Suyama, who spend their time between Miami, Hawaii, Tulum, and Toronto. The brand grew out of their shared love—and obsession—for tropical adventure and the nomadic lifestyle. Their mutual belief is that launching a brand should be more than profit and loss. Tough times made the Suyamas rethink why they were launching Noa Kai and think about the women who have inspired them AND impacted their swimwear designs. Its corporate mission is focused on embracing a community of female entrepreneurs—some of whom are struggling financially—and focus on giving back rather than focusing completely on sales.

“We believe our program serves many purposes, the most important of which is uplifting female entrepreneurs to partner with Noa Kai, and building a global swimwear brand unlike any other,” said Mari. “We are in a unique position to launch a versatile and unique swimwear brand AND provide an opportunity for those in a difficult position to earn income.”
Noa Kai’s colors and patterns are inspired by nature—take its drawn jungle print for example. The simplicity of their designs represents how they want their brand's human footprint reflected on the environment—minimal, clean, and tasteful. Noa Kai strikes balance with the natural beauty of the world, with a focus on neutral tones and patterns seen in nature—allowing the wearer to become one with the environment instead of an out-of-place visitor leaving more than their footprints.

Travel and shopping habits have changed. Noa Kai’s versatile, timeless, and classic designs allow travelers to shop smarter, pack lighter and always look great. Its vision is to shake the traditional notion of ‘seasons’ by creating essential pieces that become staples for any travel wardrobe no matter what time of year it is. The basic white tee or little black dress of swimwear—Noa Kai offers quality, approachable, basic swim essentials for smart consumers.
Noa Kai is an interpretation of the Hawaiian words NOA (freedom) and KAI (sea). The brand was designed for the modern explorer. Experiencing freedom—fleeting or prolonged—breaking away from the everyday immersed in a new place and new culture is what Noa Kai is about. Even with COVID-19 impacting travel and leisure, the mother-daughter duo are confident that launching a positive, motivational Elevated Brand Ambassador Program will encourage aspiring female entrepreneurs of different backgrounds to pursue their dreams and start exploring once again.


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