Maison Laurea Expands Unique 24K Gold Investment Jewelry Line With Desirable ‘Dog Tag’ Necklace




Laurea introduces a jewelry line that lets shoppers impress while simultaneously investing in bullion grade gold. By building a profile on that allows shoppers to create an exclusive portfolio that will link the real-time prices of gold. Laurea uses portfolio pricing so that the more grams purchased, each additional gram cost less. Laurea operates as a store of value, allowing clients the ability to monetize assets and shift their investments as style changes throughout time.

A notable piece from Laurea’s collection is the ‘Dog Tag.’ This necklace is forged from solid 24k pure Gold. On a solid 24k gold heavy chain, the design is reversible, rugged and masculine in design.

Laurea’s jewelry pieces are bought, sold, and traded by the gram. Each piece is 24k pure gold. Their debut pieces include filigree cuffs, classic pendants, structural cufflinks, and many more. This unique company stands for artistry, passion, and value; driven by honest integrity and transparent pricing.

Laurea founders Deryk Rhodes and Nicholas Whiteley who have extensive experience in the investment sector say in a joint statement that their “clients are able to transform their investments into exclusive fine crafted 24k gold assets that not only are striking in design, but unique in providing growth and security for their future.”

“Our motto is to enjoy it, don’t store it.” Rhodes and Whiteley added. “We are so excited for the new release of products and for people to see how Laurea can be so additive to investors’ portfolios.”

For more information on Laurea, follow their social medias at @maison_laurea



Laurea turns jewelry into investments with online portfolios and pricings. With Laurea’s investment portfolios, clients pay by gram for hard asset forged into wearable liquid luxury. Portfolio pricings are linked to the real-time price of gold and allow for clients to save money by charging less for each additional gram when more grams are purchased. Build wealth while building a jewelry collection by tracking liquid and traceable pieces within Laurea’s portfolio.


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